7 tips to get rid of sustainable procrastination behavior

Procrastination Psychology is the behavior that makes you like a defeated person. And without love, even for yourself Some people even have self-punishing behavior. Sometimes it is not difficult to do what needs to be done, even if it is in the best interests of life.

Procrastination behavior Indeed, it is a habit that we have established since we lived in childhood. And procrastination often leads us to understand that procrastination is self-defense, which can happen automatically without our knowledge. As if it gave us power at that moment From the situation of powerless during that period

Smut that life as a child Or observe children's behavior When being scolded or shouted by parents, do something that the child is not difficult to do, such as stop here or come here Go wash the dishes now Which the child cannot deny But what happened is That child would be Wu. Or will try to find excuses in order to avoid wanting to do things that they do not want to do, even though they cannot refuse not to do what their parents have ordered, such as scolding the movie first Look at the cartoon to finish first ...

When that child grew up Will have the habit of procrastinating until growing up There may be behaviors such as postponing credit card payments. Postpone electricity bill payment Until it may be cut, etc. And it may include postponing tasks that are beneficial to oneself until it makes a mistake in life.

Let's see how we can get off the habit of procrastinating. Is to create new habits to replace the old habits of our own.

Techniques for creating new habits to eliminate procrastination behavior.

1- Decision We have to decide what we really want in this life. For example, if we set a goal that we will wake up. Six o'clock every day You have to do it starting the next morning. And take action without any restrictions

2- Do not have any restrictions at all. Do not allow yourself to have any condition that arises, absolutely reiterate. Especially during the time when we're building this new habit Suppose you made a goal of waking up at 6am every day. Then go running for exercise You just wake up, put on an outfit and go for a run, not paying attention to anyone and listening to anyone.

3- Do not tell others that you are creating new habits to overcome procrastination. Many of you may have this argument. Because if anyone has ever read foreign translation books Or have ever attended various seminars I have learned that we should tell others in order to empower ourselves. But how to tell others Applies to our home society does not work. We have to live in the real world and accept it. Because if we tell other people what we do Especially people who have seen how we are Those people It will tell you to reverse the negative, such as you can never do it and etc. that will reflect on the negative These things will make you frustrated and hopeless in the end. Trust me, don't tell anyone until you get it done.

4- create an image of your own mind You have to imagine what you want to be. As if you have accomplished it For this, I want you to keep your goals high, because setting high goals and visualizing them as if you've already got them will allow you to reach your goals faster with subconscious energy. And try to reach that goal Even if you haven't reached your goals yet, it makes you develop yourself a lot in one place. Like the saying Hit the ball to the moon Even if you miss it, it's still in the midst of such important stars, setting high goals doesn't cost you a bit ...

5- create a message to reinforce one's subconscious mind Over and over and over and over by creating self-repeating messages, they'll be implanted in your subconscious mind. And let you create a statement in a statement And talking to myself repeatedly whenever I have time Or the time before you sleep Over time, you will see the magic happen.

6- make firm decisions Relentlessly You have to maintain discipline until your goals are achieved. Do until everything becomes a habit And when it becomes a habit, everything will become automatic without you feeling the slightest discomfort.

7- reward yourself when you are successful Rewarding yourself is a psychological reinforcement method. To connect the reward with the conscious mind system And you will get this kind of happy behavior automatically that you are not aware of, and the good will come to you in the unexpected way. The universe will always look at what you truly want to someone who deserves it…

Make a habit and practice using these seven processes to permanently break free from procrastination. And create new habits to be a part of your life. You just create a new habit 1 habit a month means that you have 12 new habits per year and after 5 years that you have 60 new habits at all. That means You will be a completely new person, as you dreamed mole. Because if you don't, the time will pass anyway. You see, the change of habit, procrastination, does not want as expected .... ^ _ ^


Article and lectured by : Dolravee Phattharakulpimol
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