3 advantages of investing in casual stocks - stock invesment


 3 advantages of investing in cool stocks

In the present day, when it comes to stocks, no one does not know, because today there is a wide spread of information and investment campaigns ... Is common stocks a shortcut to wealth as they say ?! Today, I'm going to explain the advantages of investing in common stocks in an easy-to-understand manner.

1. Ordinary shares have the opportunity to generate high returns for us, including dividends, price differences and the right to audit the company. Vote as we are the owners of the company ..... Refers to investing in common stocks that will generate dividend yields and high margin price margins that create wealth for investors. Many tires ... Is investing in the long term ... because investing in stocks for the long term will be an investment that creates wealth for us to sustain. From statistical data Several historical analyzes have found that investing with a wealth of returns is the investment of good stocks. And a long-term investment of more than 10 years will result in more profits than losses. If we hold stocks for 25 years, we rarely have a loss opportunity, that is, an opportunity to generate huge profits from investments ... But have to choose stocks with good basis And it is a good stock ...

2. Common stocks give us more dividends than inflation and At present, the deposit interest rate is simply inflationary money that we have to keep falling. The value of money has decreased. Causing the same amount of money Unable to purchase the same amount of goods and services As time passes For example, the price of petrol in the past was 20 baht per liter and we used to fill 10 liters of gas it would cost 200 baht, but now the price of oil has become 40 baht per liter if we use the same money as before. 200 baht, we can only add 5 liters of gas, not 10 liters, the way we used to fill That means The occurrence of inflation Will make the same amount of money that we hold down Or lower the fee itself And moreover, if we bring money to bank, the interest rate of deposit is still lower than current inflation rate. That means We will keep going down and so on. Because most people are investing in the stock market because it offers higher returns than the inflation and bank deposit rates ... The dividend yield of shares in the stock exchange is 3.5-10%, and more than 50% of the listed companies are dividend paying companies. And more importantly, dividends can be taxed as well ...

3. Investing in stocks is that we get to own that business without having to start counting one again ... Of course, we all have a dream that we want to have our own business. But in today's world, free trade forces us to compete. If we keep building our own business, we will face high competitive pressures, especially competing with big, heavy and long-standing companies that we hardly compete for market share. Ok Therefore, the solution people want to have a business like us is to buy ordinary shares of listed companies because if we buy only one share. We have the right to have the right to vote, shareholder ... We are the owners of that company. Where we don't have to worry about building our own company and having to face a lot more Just because we buy shares, we are the owner and more importantly, there is a management person for us. At the meeting time, we go to the meeting as usual and have the right to vote as usual because we are One of the owners of that company We can be good business owners without us having to count one and start all over it ...

As I said, all of them would have seen a broad picture that investment, in addition to being a source of wealth for us, also makes our country a stable economic system with employment. Strengthening the overall picture of the economy at the macro level All of this might be a part of everyone's wealth-building investment decisions. See you in the next article ^ _ ^


Article and lectured by : Dolravee Phattharakulpimol
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