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Gold is a chemical element with the atomic number 79 and represents the symbol AU, derived from Latin aurum. Gold is also a lustrous yellow-gold transition metal. Soft texture In addition, gold is used to benefit international reserves. Used as a guarantee for the country's inventory Used as a guarantee for the production of currency Used to make jewelry Scientific instruments Electronic, dental and so on, gold is recognized all over the world. And it is also popular to invest in to enhance wealth in terms of wealth enhancement assets widely. Which I will summarize for 6 items as follows ^ _ ^

1 - gold has great permanence And has immortality Gold is a unique mineral that has a beautiful luster and will not rust and hit a sheet. 1 troy ounce of pure gold can be pulled into a wire up to 8 kilometers long, does not react with chemicals. But reacts with borax Has a valuable immortality Enduring in every age for thousands of years, people use gold to exchange, invest and guarantee the money in each country.

2 - Gold offers a good and rewarding investment in all eras, from the past it is one proof that gold is becoming more and more expensive every day. Because of the increased cost of production The popularity and imports of gold rose in particular. India, China and the United States Which has a gold demand up to 40 percent of the gold available today. Therefore making gold has a higher cost Higher popularity And also to raise money to guarantee the currency in each country rising to create the stability of their own country. There is little price fluctuation. Keep profitable Especially in the past ten years The price of gold continues to rise. It is also the safest investment compared to any other asset class.

3 - reduce investment risks Because gold is very stable Gold is a less volatile asset than currency exchange stocks. And other forms of investment But gives a profit and a good compensation And also has outstanding features such as luster, natural color It is highly durable, does not rust, does not tarnish, does not corrode even though thousands of years have passed. And there is no maintenance cost, and gold is also rare. In order to get one troy ounce of gold, it has to be smelted several tons of ore and digs several tens of meters. Another uniqueness of gold is Can be reused As required These are indicators of how stable gold is. Nowadays, there are more and more people popular to invest in gold.

4 - Gold is an asset, reducing risk and building a stable investment portfolio. Nowadays, most investors are turning to adding gold to their portfolios to hedge the risk arising from Crisis and volatility Because every time the world has a crisis Whether it's war, terrorism, oil price crisis, food crisis, and so on, gold will have an immediate price spike. Investors will turn to invest in gold immediately. Because gold is the safest asset that guarantees longevity. In that state.

5 - gold has a variety of investment options Currently, gold has many forms of investment. And also to facilitate investors both offline and online. Popular investment channels of most gold investors are divided into 6 types as follows:
1 - gold investment. Trading gold through a gold shop
2 - Investing in gold through the phone and online via the Internet
3 - Gold investment. Through mutual funds
4 - Gold investment through Gold Future
5 - Gold investment through CFD market (Contract For Difference)
6 - Gold investment DCA gold savings form (dollar-cost averaging)

6 - Invest in gold, protect your assets from inflation, inflation is a key factor that reflects economic problems. When the consumer price Higher consumption Inflation will rise. And will drive the gold price up stable It seems unlikely that the price of gold is related to higher inflation. But the reality of the past It can be seen that when inflation increases by 1 percent, gold prices will rise 1 percent over the past period, although There will be some discrepancies, but how? Inflation and the price of gold have always been running with each other. And here, investors are increasingly investing in gold, because gold is the most profitable asset and the safest place to invest money from.

When considering all 6 good advantages of investing in gold, do not forget to turn your attention to investing in gold. Because gold is the safest place to stay in your money. Because if one day the money you hold in your hand is worthless, it becomes just a piece of paper Until then, gold still has its value forever. Because gold is Assets to guarantee your wealth ..... ^ _ ^

Article and lectured by : Dolravee Phattharakulpimol
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