Awesome campaign, get 200 baht worth of Bitcoin with simple steps.


Apply for a ZIPMEX account and receive
200 baht worth of Bitcoin.
Referral Code : hRnyCQLnZ6


Hello, let's meet again as usual with Dolravee Slow Life Investor...just today I have come across a great campaign that is very suitable for those who are interested in Cryptocurrency And this campaign is useful and interesting, so I would like to recommend it to everyone.
This campaign is a campaign of ZIPMEX camp. It is for new customers who have just opened an account with Zipmex for the first time. That is, you will receive Bitcoin, or as we are familiar with, BTC worth 200 baht when applying for Zipmex through a referral code ( Referral Code), which is the referral code, there will be a link below this clip. When people apply through the link already provided. The next step is to verify your identity. And make a minimum deposit of 1 baht into Zipmex's Z-Wallet, that's all. It's like we change 1 baht to 200 baht at Zipmex with these simple steps... The 200 baht worth of Bitcoin received, you can trade on the trading board or sell on the board for cash.. of course.  

The value of Bitcoin goes up and down every second. That means that you can make profit or make more than 200 baht from the campaign received when the Bitcoin price increases in value... You will see that you do not have to lose anything, not even your investment. That is, we can come to invest to make a profit for free. Have you seen the benefits of this campaign yet? There can only be with one Suitable for newbies and veterans who will start trading crypto with Zipmex... Oh, for those who are really new. And still can't trade or trade but don't want to trade. Zipmex has a program that believes that Zipup plus this program is for customers to lead. deposited bitcoins Get bonuses every day, get bonuses up to 2-6 percent at once for bitcoin, where the bonus will be credited to your account every day around 8 PM.
 First of all, let's get to know him a bit about who Zipmex is..
 Zipmex is a cryptocurrency exchange provider in Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore and Australia. with speed, high liquidity and many cryptocurrencies to choose from Giving investors more opportunities to generate a return on investment... Zipmex was founded by Marcus Lim and Eklarp Yimwilai in August 2018. Zipmex is one of the leading digital asset exchange services aimed at serving institutional and individual investors. with a commitment to make investing in cryptocurrencies safe And safety is guaranteed with leading asset insurance. With the high-risk trading of digital assets, Zipmex works with a world-class provider like BitGo to cover various types of theft insurance. BitGo systems are recorded, monitored, and strictly controlled access. There are access measures Multi-signature means that the user has to perform more than one signature in order to access and certify cryptocurrency transactions. The insurance has the maximum coverage itself.
 Zipmex is licensed legally because authenticity matters. Different countries have different rules and regulations for trading cryptocurrencies. Zipmex works with the regulators of every country. To ensure that its clients use is in compliance with the regulations and regulations of the respective countries, Zipmex is one of the few digital asset exchanges in the world that has been legally licensed from 4 countries across Asia-Pacific. 
  • Thailand has received a digital asset business license from the Ministry of Finance. under the supervision of the SEC 
  • Indonesia Certified by the Financial Services Industry Regulatory Authority in Indonesia (BAPPEBTI).

  • Singapore Authorized to operate under the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS). 
  • Australia Registered with the Australian Transaction Reporting and Analysis Center (AUSTRAC).
 All I mentioned above would be more or less familiar with Zipmex. The prologue has come a lot, let's look at the details about the campaign better.
 for new customers I recently applied for a Zipmex kip account for the first time. Just apply for a Zipmex account through the referral code. And deposit money into Z-wallet starting from only 1 baht! That's it, you will get 200 baht worth of Bitcoin or BTC. This is not enough, you also get 20% back from your trading fee. The conditions must be within the specified period of the campaign. And most importantly, you can continue to invite friends to receive more bonuses. And it's your own personal bonus too. In this regard Remember that you must use the Referral Code when applying for Zipmex only. Because without referral code, you will not be able to join this campaign. This is very important. * The duration of this campaign. Between 20 March 2022 – 20 April 2022 only.
 Next, let's look at the conditions. I will summarize the terms and conditions for you to briefly listen to...
 1. Period of participation in the campaign From 20 March 2022 at 00.00 – 20 April 2022 at 11:59 PM only 
2. New customers must apply for Zipmex via referral code only. And pass identity verification (KYC) and make a minimum deposit of 1 baht into Z-Wallet during the campaign period only. to be eligible to win 200 baht worth of BTC 
3. The minimum deposit of 1 baht to Z-Wallet will count both the purchase of the specified coins in Zipmex and transfer to the Z-Wallet and the transfer of coins from other exchanges to the Zipmex Z-Wallet. Exchange rate on the date of transfer to Z-Wallet 
4. For new customers A valid referral code, including lowercase and uppercase spelling, numbers, is required for the correct delivery of bonus rewards from campaigns. 
5. One user can only have 1 account. Unable to create additional accounts on Zipmex. 
6. Zipmex reserves the right to determine and change the prize. benefits and terms and conditions without prior notice
Finally, I would like to say that Don't miss a great opportunity like this See you again in my next scripts. Oh, I would like to leave the group and invite everyone to join the new group! Invest in crypto Thailand as well. Follow the link provided. Or click on the link under this clip as well. This group is created for the purpose of discussing, exchanging opinions, news and movements in the world of crypto. and other stories related to cryptocurrencies Both in Thailand and abroad, see you soon. For this script, I have to say goodbye. Hello. 

Apply for a ZIPMEX account and receive
200 baht worth of Bitcoin.

 Referral Code : hRnyCQLnZ6


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Article and lectured by : Dolravee Phattharakulpimol
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Invite you to join the group : Newbies! Invest in crypto Thailand

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