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Common Stocks Common Stocks are stocks that are traded by market participants. the objective is to raise funds from the people Often referred to as equity, equity is an equity instrument that indicates ownership of a company and accounts for more than 80% of the total market share ...

Shareholders of ordinary shares have the right to attend the meeting and vote at the meeting. and participate in decision-making on various important issues. In addition, they also have the right to receive dividends or other forms of benefits. As approved by the shareholders' meeting, however, ordinary shareholders will be the last person to have the right. in obtaining the remainder from the investment That means we will get divided. The assets are returned in proportion to the ordinary shares. which is after the payment has been fully repaid to the creditors, including the preferred shareholders. Ordinary shares do not have a redemption period. and will decay by itself When the company goes out of business The rights and benefits that ordinary shareholders receive are get price difference In the case of stock trading In the event that the share value increases Another benefit is dividend (Dividend) from the profit of the company according to the rate approved by the general meeting of shareholders. which will be received after the dividend has been paid to the preferred shares first There may be other forms of benefits, so it can be considered that ordinary shareholders will have the final right to receive the remainder from the investment itself....simply summarized.

Common stock is 

1- Objectives to raise funds from the people
2- Equity holders
Take part as a business owner
3- Return on shareholding

- get price difference

- get dividends
4- The right to vote
Vote in proportion to the number of shares held and participate in decision
- making at meetings such as

- increase of registered capital

- Dividend payment

- Merger

At this point, we may wonder whether What does the abbreviation after the stock name mean? in the Stock Exchange of Thailand Registered ordinary shares will have abbreviations such as ABC instead of the name of the registered company, etc. Other types of stocks Listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand, there will be a - (tick) after the initials. followed by the type of equity instruments such as
- W is the warrant (warrant), the company is the issuer of the warrant.
- F is common stock for foreigners
- P is preferred stock
- Q is preferred stock for foreigners
- C is a warrant to purchase ordinary shares issued by third parties In the past, the person who issued such warrants is the Financial Institutions Development Fund

Classification of ordinary shares by investment group
- Blue-chip stock is a stock issued by a large company. no new debt The price of blue chip stocks is generally high. The rate of return that investors will receive is low. which is consistent with the investment principle of high risk, high return Income stock
- stocks that pay higher dividends than the market average.
- Growth stock - stocks issued by companies with higher profit growth potential than other companies in the same industry
- Cyclical stock, stocks of companies that are expanding cyclical stocks shrinking according to the cycle of the economy
- Defensive stock
- stocks that move in the opposite direction of the market.
- Large-cap stocks, stocks issued by large companies with a high market capitalization of more than 4.4 billion baht, such as stocks in the SET50 index group - Midcap stock, a stock with a mid-market value between 540 - 4,400 million baht.
- Small-cap stocks, stocks with a market capitalization of less than 540 million baht

Ordinary shares are shares that do not have a redemption period. thus making the company flexible A certain amount of capital is not allocated for redemption. It is also easy to sell and trade. Because they have higher yields than preferred stocks, debentures, and dividends, it might be enough to understand what is actually common stock and how it is useful. For today, let's end with just this. Let's meet again in the next article .... ^_^ …



Article and lectured by : Dolravee Phattharakulpimol
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